Monday, July 6, 2015

Homemade Sunburn Healing Recipe

I am in no way a sun-worshiper.  I've been burned one time too many for that, and now when I got to the beach or to a friend's to swim, I lather on the sun screen, re-apply regularly, and spend most of the day under an umbrella.

A few years ago my older sister, who definitely *is* a sun-worshiper, was treated for melanoma.  It was pretty scary as they had to go in and do a lymph node biopsy.  Luckily she was fine, but unfortunately, she still hasn't learned her lesson.

This July 4th while Indy was squeezing in a last-minute camping trip before we take off for Africa this week, I chose to spend the weekend down the Jersey shore with my sister and nephew.  On Friday I did pretty great in that we spent the day by the pool and I didn't get a lick of sunburn.  She, on the other hand, "forgot" to lather up and was burned all across her back and arms.  She's so used to it at this point that it didn't bother her- but whatever, to each his own!

On Saturday she and I took the baby for a four-mile walk all the way down the boardwalk through four neighboring towns.  Again, I lathered up, but when I returned home I was horrified to find that I did, in fact, miss my chest, and therefore had a wonky burn-line from my tank top:

This shot actually makes it look a lot nicer than it was.  It was bright red and stung like a mother.

And while I was mad I got burned at all after being so careful all weekend, I was double-mad because I had a wedding to go to on Sunday and wanted to wear my super cute Anthropologie dress, which has a V-neck.  Nothing like vanity to make you wish you took better care of your skin, right?

So I took to the interwebs and searched for some magical treatment that would heal a sunburn in 24 hours.  I came across a few interesting solutions.  I saw recommendations for good 'ol Aole Vera, black tea soaks, Appler Cider Vinegar rubs, Cocoanut Oil rubs, but then I saw this video.  At first I was all, "Nah, they're plugging some product and those photos are edited and/or taken way after the actual sunburn happened...."

But I had a few bucks to burn and since Indy wasn't home yet, I took to the streets.  I have a Whole Foods store just down the block, which has a Whole Body store attached to it, and for about $30 I picked up a tub of Cocoanut oil, and two small bottles of Wyndmere essential oils: Peppermint and Lavender.

When I got home, I followed the recipe on this page and I put 1/2 a cup of water, two table spoons of Aloe Vera Gel and upped it to 20 drops each of Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil into a mini spray bottle.  I sprayed my chest just about every 10-15 minutes all night, and before bed, slathered on the cocoanut oil.

I was shocked when I woke up the next morning and my burn looked like this:

The camera was in "selfie"mode, hence why the burn looks like it's in a different spot, but look at the difference! I couldn't believe my eyes.  So you better believe I was spraying myself ALL DAMN DAY.  The wedding was at 4pm and I was on a mission now to get this burn to be as healed as possible so I could wear my V-Neck dress.  By the afternoon, with a little bit of makeup and some crafty jewelry choices, the burn was unnoticeable.  In fact, I was so excited I was actually pointing it out to people, defeating the whole purpose of trying to heal it in the first place.

This morning, about 48 hours after the initial burn, and 36 hours after I started treating it, this is where we stand:

Now, the lighting in all three photos is different, but the images have not been edited in any way other than cropping my goofy mug out.  I have not been compensated for writing any of this and would gladly shell out another $30 if I had to, because this stuff WORKED!  It is now my go-to for sun burn treatment, although, I hopefully won't have to use it again, because avoiding getting burned in the first place is really how it should be.

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